Welcome to LHL Property Auditors

We accurately identify ways to minimise our clients’ business rates liability on an historic and ongoing basis. We can then recover millions of pounds which have been unwittingly overpaid every year. This is a very niche area of business rates audit, so we have specialist business rates auditors who are able to identify where savings are present. We combine our knowledge and experience with bespoke software to put each case forward and deal with the whole thing from start to finish on our clients’ behalf.

From large corporate businesses, to small high street shops, we identify the properties that have overpaid, calculate the savings, manage the process and present our clients with the results.

Our recovery service is entirely on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. There are no upfront costs or hidden charges. Our fee is only payable after you have received your refund. Our success rate is 93.8% (as at February 2021) with over £50m of savings achieved to date. We are very proud of our staff and many great reviews we receive.

We are Organisational Members of the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation and are strictly regulated by their Code of Conduct can be found on the IRRV website.