Norton Park Self Catering

We, like most, thought this was too good to be true, however, it is true. LHL made the process so simple. After an initial meeting with an extremely pleasant young man who explained everything, all that was required was a signature and LHL did all the hard work with marvellous results. My husband and I are delighted – a refund and reduction in our business rates. Thank You.

David & Deborah Booth
Owner | Norton Park Self Catering

Embassy Catering (Gainsborough) Ltd

Very pleased – if anyone would like to contact me, it would be my pleasure to recommend your services. 01427 811132.

Julian Hughes
Director | Embassy Catering (Gainsborough) Ltd | Visit their website

Caramba Marketing Ltd

How glad we are that we took LHL’s sales call.
They delivered on EVERYTHING they said they would.
Not only are they nice people, but they are fast and efficient too.

Mark Bennett
Director | Caramba Marketing Ltd | Visit their website


When I received a letter to say that I had possibly been overcharged on my business rates I dismissed it as junk, I think I received another letter that I also dismissed.
I then received a phone call where this too good to be true sounding explanation of the service was given to me, a no lose service.
This all sounded a little bit suspicious so I decided to research the company, I found some glowing reviews and then I came across an insolvency company that had enlisted the services of LHL to secure a rates refund on behalf of one of their clients.
I was convinced and decided I had nothing to lose. The service was so quick and the results superb. From an initial meeting I was cashing the refund cheque 7 weeks later.
A first rate service and great communications throughout.

Russell Rodgers
Director | ABA DESIGN LIMITED | Visit their website

Benchmark Instruments Ltd

We are a small private company based in Shropshire. As both the company secretary and financial director, my resources are limited and sometimes I find myself under time pressure. We had been contacted by many companies offering their services for rate rebates. I chose LHL as they were very polite and assured me that I would not have to spend much time for the application. The whole process was easy, very quick and has resulted in our company receiving a very healthy and welcomed rebate. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

Marynka Wall
Financial Director & Company Secretary | Benchmark Instruments Ltd | Visit their website

G.E.D Wealth Ltd

Like most people I was sceptical when I received the first letter and I ignored it. When I received a second letter and saw a testimonial from someone I knew, I decided that it was worth a go, and I am very pleased I did. LHL were excellent and very quickly we received a substantial rebate and have no business rates to pay for several years. I would be happy to recommend LHL to anyone.

Matthew Wright
Director | G.E.D Wealth Ltd | Visit their website

Federation Of Master Builders Ltd

We recently worked with LHL Property Auditors and were pleased with the outcome of a successful recovery and reduction of rates for one of our properties. The process was straightforward and we were kept updated on the progress at all times. The claim was handled professionally, with excellent service and we would not hesitate in using their services again.

Caroline Hughes
Head of Support Services | Federation Of Master Builders Ltd | Visit their website

1 & 3 The Hinges Self Catering Cottages

After several incoming calls, I finally listened to the representative after initially dismissing the calls as unlikely to be real. A short conversation made me realise how much they had already researched on my behalf and I was very pleased when I signed up to get a £2,700 refund within a couple of weeks. Completely thrilled!

Clare Teed
Owner | 1 & 3 The Hinges Self Catering Cottages | Visit their website

Lichfield Leather Ltd

I was a little dubious at first about proceeding with this claim as it all seemed a bit too good to be true. However, throughout the process it has been very simple and I had do very little for a great return.
LHL are such an easy company to deal with and from the first contact on the phone, to meeting a representative and any follow up calls, has been so easy and are such nice people to work with.
Not only did we receive a nice rebate, but LHL also negotiated future rate payments which will be a great saving for our company for years to come.
I would highly recommend to anyone to use LHL. Don’t always believe the old cliché that if it seems too good to be true then it probably is……………

Guy Heathcote
Director | Lichfield Leather Ltd | Visit their website

Jeff Sharpe Recovery & Storage

LHL are 100%; I wish I’d called them sooner. I don’t pay business rates now and they saved me over £12,000. Call me, I will confirm it for you, Geoff Sharpe 07453 575352. Don’t waste time, call LHL now!!

Geoff Sharpe
Owner | Jeff Sharpe Recovery & Storage