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Our analysis of rating lists highlighted a situation where a ratepayer was paying for multiple rates bills where there should only have been one. We were able to correct the error – the direct result was an immediate recalculation of the business rates charge which generated credits for the whole of the period from 2010 – 2015 and also reduced their ongoing charges.

Auditors Comments

“The rating system is complicated and not well understood by many ratepayers. Their valuation had a significant impact on their rates charges. We were able to combine the valuations of their sites to produce a more advantageous charge resulting in a large refund for our client.”

Client Comments

“I really appreciate the work done by LHL Property Auditors Ltd which I have benefitted from in the reduction of my rates. I specifically recommend Emma Napier who has done wonderful work for me as I was paying higher rates.

I would recommend Emma Napier of LHL Property who has really done very well. Also has done the work very fast and in a very short period.”

Mr Aruind K Maisuria, Proprietor
Bombay Gents Hairstylist