Polborder Farm Touring Park

Didn’t think it was real, then the the cheque arrived. Very pleased. Thank you.

Mr Greenaway
Owner | Polborder Farm Touring Park | Visit their website

Guest House

I received a letter by post claiming to reduce my rates bill by over £6,000. I am normally sceptical and would throw these letter away. I read it and the terms said no reduction no fee. I decided to go ahead and only had to have a short 15 min meeting.

As promised, the reduction arrived as a cheque 4 weeks later. My fee to the company was worth the £4,000 that I put in my pocket, plus my rates bill have been reduced to zero, saving me over  £1,000 per year. So WOW!!!! Totally worth it and a BIG THANK YOU.

Doctor Vora
Owner | Guest House

E.R & S.M Hill

Thank you so much – I can’t believe how quickly this has happened. It came at such a good time for us. I nearly put you off, so glad I listened to you.

Edward and Susan Hill
Owners | E.R & S.M Hill

Reactive Roofing (UK) Limited

We, like many people, were sceptical to proceed with the services of LHL – surely we wouldn’t have been overcharged by so much?
Well, the refund of over £12,000 arrived in our bank account as promised in less than two weeks!!
Worth every penny; I would recommend using the services of LHL.

Louise Cooper
Director | Reactive Roofing (UK) Limited | Visit their website


Very pleased with the service I received and very glad to retrieve monies that I thought I would never see again. Also appreciate the savings going forward. I would recommend your firm, to friends, colleagues and family alike.

Nick Phillips
Managing Director | S J PHILLIPS & SONS (KEMBLE) LTD

Flair Newcastle Ltd

I was reluctant to give it a go thinking ‘another con, it is not possible to have so much refund due to our company’.
I thought I would give it a go as I had nothing to lose; if they get me the money I will pay otherwise put it down as another experience. I am pleased with speed and efficiency. This company have got my money back in my bank and I will recommend them to anybody who is in two minds to give it a go.

Farooq Ahmad
Director | Flair Newcastle Ltd | Visit their website

Luna Stein Florist

I am extremely pleased with the professional service I received from your company.
I have passed on your details to a few of my friends who have shops and businesses in the area.

Luna Stein
Owner | Luna Stein Florist | Visit their website

The Wheel

I am a very sceptical person and almost turned down their services. I am very glad that I didn’t. They are very professional and kept to their word on all conversations.

Mark and Claire Christian
Owners | The Wheel | Visit their website

Mistletoe Garage

I can honestly say that I was one of those sceptics, but my fears were very much satisfied with the level of service I had from LHL. They did exactly what they said they’d do and in a shorter time frame. I can’t thank them enough.

John Wilkinson
Owner | Mistletoe Garage | Visit their website

Fireplace-Fitters.co.uk Ltd

I would like to say thank you for your company’s help in this matter, and for achieving a quick response.

Wendy Sillery
Administrator | Fireplace-Fitters.co.uk Ltd | Visit their website